Moe Vela | Executive Leadership & Marketing Consultant
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The Vela Group LLC is all about helping businesses to grow. We deliver growth-based strategies, services, and solutions to our business clients. We are relationship experts and connectors!

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I’m humbled by your interest in me and/or my business endeavors.  My journey has been and continues to be exciting, challenging and rewarding—filled with adventure, transparency and unique experiences and people. I feel fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to experience a variety of professional, career and personal endeavors.  Please click on the company or project link above to find out how we might collaborate, create or change the world together!


The Vela Group

The Vela Group

The Vela Group LLC is about helping businesses to grow and prosper.  Our primary and core services to our clients are centered on business development and growth strategies, services and solutions. We provide our clients key and strategic services in both the Public and Private sectors.

At our Firm, we don’t throw around business lingo, gimmicks and big words — we keep it simple and produce results. Who has time for cleverly-named business tactics, processes and models — let’s get started on taking your company to the next level through our proven techniques and methodology, meaningful relationships, innovative and creative solutions and old-fashioned hard work.

Little Secret Big Dreams

Little Secret Big Dreams

Moe’s story is that of perseverance and survival when everything you know and love tells you that who you are is wrong. Join Moe on his journey as he comes to own his “little secret,” and launch himself on a journey to become the first Hispanic American and first Gay American to serve two senior executive roles in the White House.

Countdown für Siron (Perry Rhodan Neo, Band 44; Das Große Imperium, Band 8)
Telemoevela Productions

Telemoevela Productions

For over 30 years, the founder of Telemoevela Productions, Moe Vela, has focused his career on serving our nation and various entrepreneurial endeavors. This year, Moe launched Telemoevela Productions as a platform to create and develop projects for television, film and other mediums.

Vela Publishing

Vela Publishing

One of the highlights of my life so far has been to get my first book published. My book, Little Secret Big Dreams, is a best-seller and I launched Vela Publishing so more people could share their stories and experience the exhilaration of being an author.

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