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Vela Publishing

One of the highlights of my life so far has been to get my first book published. My book, Little Secret Big Dreams, is a best-seller and I launched Vela Publishing so more people could share their stories and experience the exhilaration of being an author.

I never dreamed that I could write a book, much less have it published. I want Vela Publishing to make that dream accessible to communities such as women, LGBT, Hispanics, African Americans, immigrants and other marginalized groups.

Vela Publishing has partnered with Motivational Press (the publisher of my book) and we will be a platform for those of you who have a story that will educate, enlighten, motivate or inspire. Our primary focus is non-fiction works.

Since I launched Vela Publishing in collaboration with Motivational Press a few short months ago, we have already identified several authors whose stories will soon enter your lives. If you have a story and the dream of being an author, please reach out to us at: